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Home Energy Guide

This is the electronic version of the Department of Commerce Home Energy Guides. You will find all of the Home Energy Guides in this file. It is searchable and printable. This is a very large file( >5Meg!) See below for each topic individually.

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  1. Low Cost/No Cost Energy Saving Ideas
  2. Attic Bypasses
  3. Ice Dams
  4. Home Moisture
  5. Caulking & Weatherstripping
  6. Energy Saving Landscaping
  7. Basement Insulation
  8. Windows & Doors
  9. Home Heating
  10. Water Heaters
  11. Combusion Air
  12. Home Cooling
  13. New Homes
  14. House Diagnostics
  15. Home Appliances
  16. Home Lighting
  17. Wood Heat
  18. Indoor Ventilation
  19. Insulation

Hiring a Residential Building Contrator

Questions about hiring a building contractor are important. Investing your time to find the answers now may save you headaches and money in the end.

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Mold In Homes

This fact sheet provides information for people who have mold problems in their homes. It presents the health concerns associated with mold exposure and advice on finding and removing mold contamination.

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